"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dee At The Moment

 Oh, little Dee! Time for a little zoomed in focus on who this little person is turning out to be. I am trying to figure out how to handle all his little quirks and mannerisms. He's easily upset, only moderately communicative, and really hard to talk down once worked up, but also sweet-hearted, observant and very full of spirit. I find him both uniquely charming and particularly draining. I am so glad he's not a baby anymore as he is a lot more fun as a little boy.

As an infant he was a bundle of nerves, and pretty impressively colicky. I remember walking and walking the floor with him in my arms and wondering if the night would ever end. He's my asthma child, my surgery baby (see this post about his ptosis surgery), my wee engineer, my collector, and my thinker. I love working with him, having quiet moments alone together and watching all his little interests flicker and glitter as he tries on new ideas and expresses his likes and dislikes. Have a look yourself!

Dee Dislikes:
  • The strings in fresh mango
  • Spicy things....except for salsa...he likes salsa
  • Pebbles in his shoes
  • Buckling his seat belt
  • Rumpled tags in the back of his shirt
  • Getting things stuck in his teeth
  • Ru, making faces
  • Eating with a fork
  • Tomato sauce on his pasta
  • Open containers...he has to put lids on bottles, fasten hinges, lock locks and close boxes.
  • Sunshine in his eyes
  • Sleeping
  • Red peppers
  • Strong wind
  • Having his hair cut or washed

Dee Likes:
  • Painting (he could paint by the hour...especially if alone)
  • Wiping things down with a sponge
  • Watering plants (with his own little watering can)
  • Baby ducks
  • Soft eggs yolks
  • The color yellow (everything should be yellow)
  • Spiderman and Batman
  • Motorcycles
  • All seafood....smoked salmon, shrimp cocktail, steamed lobster....you name it!
  • Cutting things with scissors
  • Being outdoors alone
  • Listening to birds "talk"
  • Muffins
  • Pancakes
  • Steak
  • Milk


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