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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Surprise! Our Hidden Walk.

I love the discoveries that come with an old house. We're all cabin fevered up to our earlobes at this point so every single warmish/sunnyish day has us romping around on the lawn until the very last second. I've been out shifting plants around, playing with the edges of beds, dreaming up what will someday go where and generally enjoying having a yard to the very fullest. I decided that there needed to be a little something down the sides of the rather stark front walk....a little plant life to give a lusher look than just concrete and grass. 
The boring front walk last fall, notice all those cringe-worthy buzz-cut yews along the front....all gone!
So, I found some hostas that could be divided up and moved from their current home and after plunking them in, I meandered down the walk to check the view from the street. At the curb I found myself looking down at a couple of funny cobblestone rocks we'd noticed in the grass between the sidewalk and the street. My landscape designer friend had suggested we lift them at some point and use them in our design because they looked pretty. 

Here's a little further away view of the "Before" look. Can you see the cobblestones in the grass between sidewalk and curb? Yeah, me neither.
Pretty soon I was down on my hands and knees, fiddling around, pulling clumps of last year's crabgrass off of them and my fingers found the hidden edge of another stone, and then Ru was down on his knees helping and there was another and another! By the time I had finished Ru and I had unearthed a hidden cobblestone connector to the street. A beautiful little field-stone segue to our front walk, the perfect place for someone to arrive curbside and a beautiful little addition to the view. It is hard to believe that it was invisible under grass and dirt for all that time, years probably and that someone so long ago must have laid those stones, fitting all the notches and edges together. 

Surprise! Beautiful laid stone walk!
Woohoo! Isn't that pretty? This is how it looks now. some plantings along the side of the walk, newly discovered cobble-walk bridging our house to the road....and plantings going in along the sides.
I sure wish I knew the story. After sweeping off the stones with our broom I went dashing to the backyard and came back with some clumps of daylilies I'd wrenched out of the long swathe next to the garage and planted them along the stone walk. I think the look is really beautiful, even if it is a bit unformed yet. I am having visions of creeping thyme or, Irish moss or Corsican mint creeping between the stones and beautiful gardens on both sides to frame the view. Gotta love little victories!
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