"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Working Out The Kinks

I am determined to figure fitness out. I will learn not just about eating in a healthy manner and growing my own food, but also about sports and sweat and hard work and muscles, darn it all! I am intimidated out of my own mind, I have all kinds of mental walls and fences and reasons why hydration and upping my reps and body aches from muscle work are "not my thing." But I will not be defeated or limited or shrunk down into a cute little box by gremlins or my own fear or my peers who aren't into any of these shenanigans. Thank you to all of you who have been my active and sporty friends...who have spoken and displayed athletic work and energy into my world. I may have scoffed or been jealous or made you feel unfeminine....but I appreciate it so much now. I needed you. I need you still.

Change requires a lot of shift and example and bravery. I'm glad you are in my life and working this energetic piece of growth. I wanna be a literary, painterly, silly, nature admiring woman with a strong, healthy body that she cares for wisely. I'm trying to figure out how.

Right now, I really love these helps:

  • This book about fitness motivation, which has been my biggest problem for eeeeeeeeever!

  • My FitBit...best way to track my steps without any extra work, feel challenged by the game of it all and also track my sleep. I have a Flex and love it for its simplicity.

  • The app Seven which is a beautifully approachable fitness routine that takes...a mere 7 minutes.

  • This powdered magnesium which helps with my mood and adds a shot of flavor to the first bottle of water I drink in a day. Motivation!

I have just made a promise to exercise every single day, for the next 21 days +.......

This is my accountability bulletin.


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