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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cleaning My Home Sweet Home

 Today was our first day back from Florida with our feet really on the ground. So, we decided to drive back down to the airport after a deep sleep (we got in at 3AM Saturday) and ship A off to California. We are all sad to see him go and are shuffling along towards normal but feeling very strange without him here to shuffle too. In his absence I have decided to CLEAN!

On my way back from the airport I bought a new vaccuum cleaner and then I hit the house like a brace of foxes with their tails tied to torches! I got both full baths done and started the master bedroom. Bedrooms always take longer to spring clean just because of all the linens that need washing. On our bed we have not only the dust ruffle and regular assortment of pillows and sheets but also a pillowtop and double pillows which I always think it smart to wash too. Shezam! Things are smelling fresher...windows have been opened, rubber gloves have been squeaked into and little boys have been pressed into service.

I took pictures for posterity. After I finish a room, as a reward I get to freeze the moment in a photo. These pictures are the most lasting evidence that any cleaning happened. Good thing I am not too attached to results. Have you heard about what it is like to clean a house with kids in it? So true. At least for my house and my kids. Today, I am processing Florida and making spring come by scrubbing and not worrying too much about how long the floor stays free of pee or the sink without spots. 
Florida was divine, as it will be. All sunshine and palm trees and shells on shells on the white, powdery sand. We met new friends, hung out with old and even had a little time with family which is the pinnacle of perfection. 

Am chewing on the things I learned from this trip. 
Lots of little things, and some larger things:
  • Winter recovery trips should be to one cabin/cottage AT the beach, no hopping and driving about.
  • Paprika is a great spice and deserves more of the limelight.
  • So does lime! Its good for so much more than avocados and ice water.
  • Nib is not really ready to go on airboat rides to see wild alligators.
  • The older two kid are really getting to the point where they have opinions and want input into vacation choices.
  • Having a washer is a must in a vacation house.
  • Florida has SOOOO much stuff to see! We must go back.

In between thinking fondly of Florida, sorting our shells we brought home, dumping sand out of swimsuits and cleaning madly....I boxed off some time for a walk outdoors with my bevy of scrubbers and shell gatherers.
We trotted around the block in only our sweaters, mind you! And admired the melting snow, the empty sidewalks and the feeling of fresh, moist air on our cheeks. And then we found it. The first flower of the spring! Just around the corner from our house there were snowdrops actually out of the ground, blinking whitely at the world. We had a little jumping up and down celebration and then promptly ran back home to make the Very Last Tiny Snowman Of Winter with the remains of the snow in the backyard (our house faces south so the back always holds the snow). 

Spring is slowly creeping along and starting to look like its on its way and my man has promised he'll bring us all some more sunshine when he comes home from California. Power on! Tomorrow I tackle the upstairs floors and take my first big load to Goodwill.



  1. Wow, you really went all out with the cleaning as soon as you got back! But it really feels good to see the house all sparkling clean, even if it’s just for a day or so. At the very least, you’re sure that everything has been aired out and cleaned recently. Cheers!

    Bob Wolfe @ The Maids Triad

  2. I love the inside of your home Carlie! Those pictures bring me back to my youth. When I was small all of our rooms had those radiators in them. I remember they were so cozy, kept us piping hot during the coldest of winters. I love the floor tiles in your bathroom too. Did you guys put those down or were they there with the house when you bought it?

    Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply Co.