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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kitchen Change

Crazy times at our house lately. We are working on the kitchen a little bit. We found a deal on a sample section of countertop in Home Depot and snatched it up and then suddenly we were buying a new faucet and making phone calls and then yesterday morning work dudes showed up in the kitchen in the flesh.

There was a lot of dumping all the contents of the counters and cupboards in the dining (still there y'all....I promise I'll put it all away again!) and then my counters that normally look like this:


There was a lot of banging and we lurked in the playroom, the sunroom, a cafe nearby, and the front porch to stay out of the way. The boys got in arguments over Legos and I read them a lot of classical history. Then, just before dinner prep time the work dudes packed up and backed their vans out of the driveway and I came tiptoeing back into my kitchen.

Y'all. Look at that.

This is my real life! Sometimes change is fantastic.


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