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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Library Day: What Are We Reading?

Today is Library Day...and there are ever so many things to research as always.

Top Topics To Hunt For This Week:

  • Arizona Travel Tips (We're going for a weekend in March!)
  • Watercolor Projects (I'm teaching a class for Middle and High School students.)
  • Lego Ideas (Everyone's obsessed)
  • Crystals (Today is Science Day...we had a gorgeous snowfall....and crystal study came to us)
  • Gardening (The seed catalogs have started to arrive!!!! YAY!)
  • Jewelry Making (We moved on from ice crystals to rock crystals and suddenly we were looking over our rock collections and pondering pendants.)

Epsom salts crystals....so pretty!
Crystals from our collection.
The winter time is the ideal time to library our little heads off. So much wonderful cozy, indoor enthusiasm and so much dark and snug time to read. Reading is one thing I'm really going to throw myself into again this year.
I had a less prolific reading year in 2014 and I miss it a lot. I have so many books on my list and a stack of them that are waiting in the wings on my bedside table but I need to knock a few of my in-process tomes out of the way first.

I'm currently reading:

The Rosie Project
Parent Effectiveness Training
The Bible's Cutting Room Floor
Sex at Dawn
The Gifts of Imperfection
Eating on the Wild Side

No duds in the batch...although some of are the type I need a break from periodically because they require some processing.

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