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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Oh Canada!

There are way too many photos. Canada is amazing. 

We are living on an island for three days right now, off the coast of British Columbia. The flowers, old growth forests, carvings, wild mushrooms, tide pools and lack of mosquitoes are off the charts! 

We are catching a ferry to the mainland tomorrow and crossing back into the country of our birth. Wish us luck and safe passage! 

I am hoping to buy a styrofoam cooler or a cold bag or something tomorrow so that we can avail ourselves of the salmon fishermen and crab sellers we keep seeing on the sides of the road. 

Also, AirBnB is amazing. Check it out if you haven't. It isn't always cheaper than a hotel but often it is and getting a washer and kitchen space is worth a lot if you are me. Our hostess for the past three days welcomed us with a bowl of blueberries when we arrived, has scented poppies growing along the  front walk and introduced the boys to her extremely peaceful chihuahua while I was trying to pack the car for the day's outing.  

So far, the notable, wild animal count in Canada goes as follows:

•one snake (garter!)

•one lizard 

•many wild, black rabbits 

•one owl (barred, I think)

•four or five whitetail deer

•a sunflower sea star

•many green sea anemones 

•two black bears (EEK!!! So exciting!)

•many purple and orange sea stars

•four sea lions

•two minks

•purple sea urchins 

•a gigantic jellyfish 

•banana slugs

Get ready Washington State, we are coming for you next!


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  1. Awesome! Hope you have a wonderful time!! Looking forward to more pictures and updates...and getting to see you soon!