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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Then Me

I found pictures of myself as a little girl yesterday in the attic. It's always interesting to get a taste of background and childhood and see a snatch of where people are coming from.

These are some of my favorites.

First ,this is me around maybe five or six on our front steps.

This is my sister Foxy and I on Papa's lap. Must be some holiday. Christmas? Thanksgiving?

This is my most favorite childhood photo. Papa and , making music together. He plays guitar by ear and here I'm playing harmonica with him. :)

This is my Grandma Sally and Grandpa Mack with a tiny, toddler me. I am amazed how much I look like Nib.

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  1. That first photo makes me think of Gideon...He smiles just like that! Never thought of it before. :) Love to see how your kids look like you and Aaron...so different at different stages, but all sweet and beautiful!