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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What's Left In The Bucket?

Newsflash!!! It is still summer. I realize the kids are all going back to school, we are getting hints of fall weather and the grocery stores are all setting up displays of Halloween candy...but it is, its still summer.  :)

In the spirit of still having time and living in the now instead of the near future....here is what is still left on my .....

2013 Summer Bucket List.

1. Take the boys fishing
2. Ride a ferry
3. Pick peaches and blueberries, maybe bkackberries.
4. Plan my homeschool curriculum for this year.
5. Lie in the hammock in the back yard and read a book.
6. Go crabbing.
7. Make my traditional plum tart.
8. Assemble an Herbal Medicine Chest is preparation for cold weather and sickness season.
9. Go to a festival.
10. Can tomato sauce and peaches
11. Paint the front porch portico.
12. Make a new friend.
13. Bake a lemon meringue pie.
14. Make a big, vivid abstract painting to hang above my bed.
15. Hang the hummingbird feeder.
16. Oil my cutting boards with beeswax and lemon.
17. Listen to country music with the windows down
18. Get the boys a playhouse and some stumps for their corner of the yard.
19. Call a junk man to take a load to the dump
20.Do henna designs with Lucy.

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