"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rainy, Frappe Days

Today was rainy, so rainy...and I am unbearably sleepy. A has switched jobs which has meant a re-juggling of our schedule...new sleeping times, new waking hours...and a toddler who is still just as much of a persistent early bird as ever and doesn't understand change.Whew. I kinda think that's why I'm wiped. Of course, it could just be stressful, familial, medical emergency recovery + third trimester exhaustion. Had a midwife appointment today and dragged all the kids along with me through the rain and had a major meltdown after the totally insane check-up.

There were kids rudely talking over the midwives, kids un-sterilizing instruments, kids dropping nacho cheese dip on the floor and kids getting lost outside the exam door down random hallways. Argh. Sometimes real life feels unbelievable. Afterwards, it must be admitted there were frantic texts to the husband person and a caramel frappe with a large fry to accompany the mini-meltdown.

To be fair though...there have also been some good moments. There are blink-your-eyes-green baby leaves on every tree, swelling peony buds, our first, fresh garden radishes and my first, real portrait in watercolor....a terrifying endeavor that I think I genuinely like. And tonight, the babysitter is coming over to feed my kids mac and cheese from a box while A and I jack ourselves up on a little adrenaline via the movie The Avengers. Am very curious. Can a superhero movie possibly be as good as "The Critics" claim? Am skeptical but game. Am also counting on the adrenaline to keep me awake since the caramel frappe did nothing in that department.

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