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Monday, March 12, 2012

Minty Dreams

Fresh mint
Fresh mint (Photo credit: kali.ma)
Been out planting today for the first time. Put in carrot, radish and lettuce seeds since the pea seeds haven't arrived yet (come on Mr. Postman) Planting makes me think about fresh herb season. I am hoping to get a little herb area all neatly squared away this year, including even the more boisterous and potentially invasive folks. Mint for instance. Growing up I wasn't sure what to do with mint...short of drying it for tea. Now I use it for all kinds of things. I chop it and cook with it for Mediterranean flavor when I am feeling a little Greek, I add it to water bottles, I snip it over ice cream, I put it into yogurt with nuts and honey and I throw it in salads for a little wake up pep. Its a great herb. One thing I've never tried is the recipe suggested by Marta and Krysia on their blog, "What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today. Please click over if you want to see the most delicious mug of cocoa ever made. Wow. Slobber.

The idea of fresh mint in cocoa makes me think of one of my favorite candies, After Eight mints. I never buy them, except to put on the pillows of guests (when I think of it) but they feel like decadent little treats that are just a wonderful use of sugar to me. Think the the York Peppermint Patty gone upscale and delicate. I realize the idea of hot chocolate with fresh mint sounds oxymoronic since we're talking summertime but why can't I make iced chocolate like we do with coffee? Or for that matter, iced mint coffee? Yum!

Am also very interested in making up a recipe of this minty hair rinse. I've been thinking for a long time that I'd like to whip up a vinegar based rinse because of all the good things I've read it can do for your locks. Mint in the summer shower plus an excuse to try a shine enhancing rinse sounds like the perfect plan to me.

Check out this minty top from River of Romansk's  swoony Etsy shop and then this  sweet little dress from Modcloth in soft, shades of green. Either would be the perfect pregnant but still pretty Easter outfit for a mommy, topped off  with a pair of chocolate brown leggings and some little ballet flats. *sigh* 

Maybe this summer we'll even finally get around to making our own mint ice cream from scratch. There's always hope that the mint patch will get a little out of control and need a firm hand which brings in sheaves of bright smelling leaves, that's the sort of problem I can deal with.


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