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Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful List

List day today. We haven't had one of those for a while. A grand tally of: Things I'm Thankful For seems in order, right? Am dwelling firmly in Thanksgiving prep land anyhow, might as well tint my glasses the best possible color, a nice pinky shade of grateful instead of that dark panicky charcoal.

Things I'm Thankful  For
  1. Paper towels (green guilt, be gone!)
  2. The smell of spilled coffee grounds on the counter...most pleasantly scented mess clean-up of the day.
  3. Friends who turn a blind eye to my in-house chaos (or at least do a good impression thereof)
  4. The extra refrigerator in the basement
  5. A son, old enough to help me put on a band-aid when I cut my finger in the kitchen
  6. Houseplants who bring the green inside when life gets chill
  7. Cinnamon, dusted into a cup of warm decaf 
  8. Green paint under my toddler's chin
  9. Genuinely helpful people
  10. Peaceful morning reality after rotten nightmares about cooking disasters.
  11. The tackiness of fresh rosemary pinched between the fingers
  12. A forgotten clementine in my coat pocket after yoga class.
  13. The inky smelling pages of the first seed catalog of the season
  14. My new oven.
  15. Our newly insulated attic
  16. A spouse who enjoys food just as much as I do
  17. Meditation
  18. Dimples in the grins of naughty little boys
  19. Chapstick
  20. My smallest boy's new word, "yes!"
  21. Midwifery care so gentle and kind that is very hard to replace.
  22. Bubble baths, for boys and mommies.
  23. Neighbors who wave when you're out.
  24. Friends who share their puppy's snuggles.
  25. The end of the first trimester. :) Feeling good again, finally!
Off to an evening yoga class! Be well people, and hang in there. The Holidays are upon us!


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