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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pizza Season

Made pizza the other night. I know that pizza is baking and that baking feels like the sort of thing one does in cold weather when the leaves are all blustering and we're battening down the hinges and making ourselves as cozy as possible. Pizza however, is different. Pizza and lemon meringue pie (although that's another blog post) are meant to be made in warm weather. I do bake pizzas on occasion in the winter but it really feels like spring and summer food for me. I think this largely has to do with the sort of things I like on pizzas.

I'm partial to asparagus tips, fresh mushrooms, crumbled goat cheeses, wilted spinach, ripe tomatoes, glowing olives and no matter what the toppings a snipping of fresh herbs is mandatory. I know that there are lots of things you can use on pizza but I can't wait to troll the farmer's markets to find the best, most gleaming produce to use. I think real pizza season begins when there are finally enough fresh herbs to snip them over the top of the pie before the wheeled cutter has it's run.


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