"She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." Zelda Fitzgerald

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life Potpourri

Little potpourri of our life lately. Today was a good day. 

Big trucks in the yard much to the glee of my boys bearing three lumberjacks with cigarettes clamped in their grins, lustily removing trees and adding sunlight to my garden plot. Yay light! Amazing when you just call professionals and then they just come do work for you. I am not used to white collar life.

I had a long chatty visit with my aunt, watched the baby taking teetery steps across the living room and gently watered my tiny sprouting seeds that are living so very happily on the radiator in the front window. The potted gardenia we bought in the grocery store recently (the world's most suicidal plant) is suddenly blooming and scenting the whole sunroom. Victory delayed is a few levels deeper.

Then I baked two chocolate cakes from scratch in preparation for the world's most intimidating prospect....my first Fairfield county child birthday party. Saturday we'll be throwing open the doors and welcoming all of Ru's little friends to a circus extravaganza and I will not panic! I can hardly wait. Anyhow, the cake cakes are done. (I started to bake only one and realized that I needed way more cake than that.)

The weather is finally warm and suddenly I am awash in happy smells and misty rainy mornings. We're jacket on/jacket off fiends and we can hardly think up a reason to stay indoors when pressed. Good problems.


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